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The CEREC machine allows crowns, veneers and other dental prosthetics to be crafted in one visit

Here at Northshore Dental and Oral Health, following our dedication to using the latest technology to improve care for our patients, we have implemented a CEREC machine. CEREC is short for Ceramic Reconstruction and creates high-quality porcelain restorations.

What does the CEREC machine do?

The CEREC machine creates sophisticated, high quality, metal-free dental restorations in one patient visit. The 3D photography technology was developed to help assist dentists in designing a virtual restoration without taking impressions.

The in-office milling unit enables you to have your restoration placed that very same day. Having your restoration in a day means no more waiting weeks for a restoration to be made and no more biting down on those messy, bad tasting dental moulds.

What does the CEREC machine create?

The durable, high quality restorations Northshore Dental and Oral Health can create in one setting include:

  • Crowns. A dental crown is a tooth shaped hollow cap placed over a tooth to strengthen and restore its shape and size.
  • Partial crowns and inlays/onlays. These restorations cover one or more of the cusps on the biting surface of a tooth to treat cavities, cracks, or broken teeth.
  • Full veneers. A dental veneer is a thin, custom-made porcelain shell placed over the front of the tooth. They can instantly camouflage discolouration, gaps in teeth, and cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Partial veneers. A partial veneer is a thin, seamless restoration that covers only part of a tooth.

What is the CEREC procedure?

The CEREC machine uses a technology to restore the integral strength, appearance and function of a tooth that has become decayed or weakened. Only tooth coloured ceramic materials are used in the production of your restoration and your prosthetic can be fitted in one easy and fast dental appointment.

  • Firstly the dentists at Northshore Dental and Oral Health will examine your mouth and determine the appropriate treatment depending on how much healthy tooth structure is needed.
  • They will administer an anaesthetic and prepare your tooth for the restoration by removing debris and decay.
  • An optical impression will be taken of the prepared tooth and instead of filling a tray with dental putty that you messily bite into, a camera is used to take the digital impression. This entire process only takes around two minutes.
  • The CEREC machine will help create the restoration for your tooth by using innovative 3D technology to take pictures and convert them into a 3D virtual model on the screen.
  • The Northshore Dentists will use their skills to design a restoration tailored to you. Within minutes a button is pressed and the data is sent to a separate milling machine, and a tooth coloured ceramic block is placed on the machine to begin production.
  • After about 20 minutes your all-ceramic, tooth-coloured restoration is finished and ready to be bonded in place.
  • The dental prosthetic will then be placed and any minor last minute changes will be made.

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For more information on this innovative technology, or to book a consultation, contact the team today.

The CEREC 3D digitalised technology has been possible for over 20 years. What’s new about the CEREC machines is they are able to capture images and videos at a much high quality than before.

The teeth don’t need to be covered in powder for the camera to see the teeth so the patient won’t have powder in their mouths and can take a break at any time.

This advancement in the technology also means the dentist can get more creative with the ways they take the impression and create the prosthetic.

With the CEREC method, we are able to use a wider variety of solutions for your dental needs. We can offer the fix you need rather than relying on the ‘one size fits all’ approach. This approach is out-dated and can be less than optimum.

The repairs to your teeth happen faster so there’s less chance of addition damage to your teeth between appointments. And since the CEREC machine is integrated from camera to appliance, the results are much more precise, have a higher successful fit rate and have a more natural feel.